At Treasure8 we’re leading A Resource Revolution(TM) that will ultimately deliver nutrition to humanity and reduce global food waste. This is the mission and driver behind every single thing we do.

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Treasure8 HQ

Historic Hanger 2, Treasure Island, San Francisco


A New Look at Food Waste

We’re a food technology company using regenerative methods, patented equipment, and proprietary technology to create a systemic solution to global problems. We call this a Resource Revolution and it’s a mission we hope others will join us on as we work to create a more sustainable food system with nature’s virtues at heart.

Without a doubt, this is a massive feat, but it’s one we believe in and with a simple but novel approach, are tackling head-on. We’ve been working for years now in stealth, quietly designing, perfecting, and commercializing our technologies, and now are ready to unleash these powers on the world. 

We identify and capture food waste streams from CPG & agricultural companies (and with an eye next on retail grocers) and convert them into high-value, tasty, and nutritious ingredients & products. And this is just the beginning. 

Our Corporate Model

Treasure8’s corporate design of spinning-off nested LLCs is highly nimble, tax-efficient and fuels our award-winning and innovative problem-solving approach.

The corporate legal and tax design was created by famed corporate legal architect Rob Townsend and Treasure8 Founder Timothy Childs. Treasure8 functions much like a holding company- it incubates and develops concurrent products and program MVPs to be spun off, and spun-out for acquisition- and subsequently managed by expert operators to scale their market impact. This creates a rich, self-propagating portfolio of early investment opportunities positioned for global impact.


Key Initiatives



Food waste isn’t just not finishing a meal at home. It’s a massive, $2.6T/year global issue. In fact, roughly 40 to 50 percent of food grown in the world goes to waste. And as a food technology company focusing on regenerative methods, we’re motivated not only by this massive opportunity to inflict impact, but also to capture the value lost environmentally, socially, and economically too.

Facing the facts:

  • Globally

    • Estimated economic loss globally is $2.6T a year.*

    • Agriculture accounts for 70% of water usage, 24% of which is wasted (45T gallons per year)

    • Food waste is the #1 item in landfills making it the 3rd largest source of methane behind China and the US if it were ranked as a country

The more food we can all prevent from being wasted, the less additional growing capacity and resources we need to bring online in feeding an increasing global population.



For years, we have focused on feeding a growing planet through GMOs and pesticides. But what if there was a better way?

Our mission is to capture some of the 1.3B metric tons of food wasted every year and convert it into healthy food sources for folks around the world. The challenge? Identifying consistent sources and developing stable solutions within standard distribution models.

Besides our own products, we are also partnering with large food and beverage companies to develop solutions for processing select waste streams, and in some cases, using streams to make ingredients and products for their distribution channels.

We are looking for partners who have alignment of purpose in providing better access to nutrition to the food insecure (1 in 5 Americans).


Plant Forward

The world’s largest mainstream health organizations now recommend a plant-based diet, and we believe that plant-based diets aren’t just a fad. In order for the human population to survive in the future, we must switch to mostly plant-based diets. Our focus is designing processes and making plant-forward food and beverage products and ingredients that are highly functional and that taste fantastic.


Healthy Gut

A healthy gut is a key driver in sustaining a healthy personal ecosystem. We believe the science that proves a healthy gut is a primary way to prevent a number of Western diseases – both physiological and mental. Where possible, we make foods (under our own brands and for others) that are either high in fiber or include pre/probiotics and live cultures.


First 1,000 Days

We know adequate nutrition is critical for healthy human development and believe that nutritious food can be a form of preventative care. Wherever possible, we focus our efforts on improving and aiding the nutrition for moms and babies in their first 1,000 days together.

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Founder History

Timothy Childs is the co-CEO/Founder of Treasure8, a company simultaneously tackling global food waste & insecurity by utilizing proprietary technological methods. A serial entrepreneur, he comes from a background of taking systemic approaches to big problems, particularly in the food industry.

Previously, as Founder of TCHO Chocolate, Timothy shook the cacao industry through a technology-driven approach to chocolate making and created TCHOSource, a vertically integrated flavor-driven supply chain engineered for cost-effective supply premiumization and a scalable model to improve the livelihoods of its stakeholders. In partnership with USAID, it has been used for sustainably focused programs for farmers in South America, Africa, and beyond.

Prior to working in the food space, Timothy founded a company that developed machine vision solutions for NASA's Space Shuttle program, worked in computer graphics, co-founded early VR companies, the nonprofit community building organization VeRGe (Virtual Reality Education Foundation) in 1991. His approach to innovation has been honed over 25 years using a Silicon Valley lean startup mentality along with multi-award-winning innovation skills.

Timothy also helped start OSC2.org and was pivotal in helping make The Bay Lights happen.


Treasure8’s seasoned team of food scientists, process engineers, co-manufacturing experts, supertasters and project managers nimbly work together to create products and processes designed to change the world. Where needed, our team accesses our A-list contractors and consultants.

Within our spaces we also curate other mission-aligned companies and individuals who support our regenerative minded eco-system: graphic designers, brand managers, sound engineers, soil scientists, machine innovators, soil amendment experts, blockchain developers, roboticists, CNC fabricators, immersive media, and makers.