that will benefit generations to come


Join our Series B

Treasure8 is currently seeking participants in its Series B. If you are interested in learning more, are a qualified investor with a long-term, patient viewpoint and would like to join in our vision for a global impact, we would like to start a conversation. We seek “impatient people with patient capital”. Our Series B is limited to a minimum of $5M and above. Investors seeking investment for less than that can enter through our subsidiaries: Protein8 (plant based proteins), Nutrition8 (dehydrated whole foods) and Hemp8 (hemp drying and waste stream valorization).


Our Investor-Friendly Structure

Treasure8’s corporate design of nested LLCs is highly nimble, tax-efficient and fuels our award-winning and innovative problem-solving approach.

The company design was created by famed corporate legal architect Rob Townsend and its founder Timothy Childs. Treasure8 functions much like a holding company - it incubates and develops concurrent products and program MVPs to be spun off, spun-out for acquisition - and subsequently managed by expert operators to scale their market impact. This creates a rich, self-propagating portfolio of investment opportunities positioned for global impact.


Join Us

This is a massive opportunity and the timing has never been better. We are looking for others who share our drive, vision, and excitement at the thought of combining passion and purpose to update the food system and leave a mark on the world that will last. And we hope that we do so with you.

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