Seeds&Chips And Treasure8 Partner To Expand And Encourage Innovation In The Global Food Tech Ecosytem

Milano, San Francisco—(14 September 2018)—Seeds&Chips, a Milan based Food and Ag innovation organization that brings stakeholders together to develop solutions for the future of the food system, has partnered with Treasure8, a San Francisco, Treasure Island-based Regenerative Food Systems company, to encourage progress in food and agriculture innovation around the world. The new partnership forms one of the most comprehensive global networks in food tech, signaling the readiness and potential of the industry to generate new ideas, new sources of revenue and sustainable outcomes.

“Seeds&Chips works with people who are dedicated to transforming the food system, knowing that the key to sustainability lies in fostering collaborations that bring new ideas to life.” Said Marco Gualtieri Chairman and Founder of Seeds&Chips. “The opportunity to partner with Treasure8 is exciting because it gives each organization a foothold in both Europe and North America, two of the most important regions in the world for catalysing a transformation of the global food chain into a more resilient system.”

The new partnership gives both Seeds&Chips and Treasure8 the opportunity to engage a global audience on the importance of reducing food waste, fostering innovation and securing a sustainable future for vulnerable regions around the world. This expansion of the global food tech ecosystem signals a significant increase in cooperation in food and agriculture innovation and a major step in solving hunger and malnutrition around the world.

“The big picture isn’t only the $1 trillion lost every year due to food waste and creating higher value in critical parts of the food system, it's also about providing nutrition to the world,” said Treasure8 founder and CEO Timothy Childs. “By helping to create food waste solutions that feed more people, we can combat climate change, improve health outcomes worldwide and reduce conflict related to food scarcity.”

About Seeds&Chips - Seeds&Chips has built one of the largest food and ag tech ecosystems in the world, and through this network they bring innovators, investors, companies, institutions and policy makers from every point in the global food chain, and provide a platform for them to connect and collaborate.  

Every year, Seeds&Chips hosts the Global Food Innovation Summit, the largest food innovation event in the world, which brings startups, speakers and influencers from more than 32 countries together to share their ideas. In 2017, the Summit hosted President Barack Obama, who made his first post presidency appearance as a Keynote Speaker. In 2018, former US Secretary of State John Kerry and Starbucks Founder and Chairman Howard Schultz delivered remarks along with over 300 speakers from around the world. Seeds&Chips has also expanded its portfolio to include consulting work with corporations and conglomerates around the world to develop food and ag innovation programs that generate meaningful solutions and keep businesses competitive in a changing global economy.

About Treasure8 - Treasure8 is a Regenerative Food Systems company—a social enterprise working to transform the global food waste ecosystem and apply it to solving food insecurity. Co-Founded by serial food tech entrepreneur Timothy Childs, the company is a wellspring of new food products, ingredients and patented technologies. Treasure8’s multi-faceted approach to transforming the global food waste ecosystem is focused on three tactics:

  • Development and commercialization of patented technologies to turn excess and imperfect in-field produce into natural, long-lasting, delicious food products and ingredients that retain inherent micronutrients

  • Incubation of patent-pending technologies to turn production by-products (e.g., juicing leftovers) into both viable food products and ingredients

  • Implementation of technologies to create potent agricultural inputs and energy from food waste

Treasure8 currently operates in multiple business verticals, including the development of signature food brands (for itself and others), sales and licensing of patented technology and the planned production of new ingredients for the food and nutraceutical markets.


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