At the center of Treasure8 is a Circular Economy & Partnerships Platform based on systems thinking and regenerative & upcycling technologies. With patents to help achieve the supreme quality, better nutrient retention, all with lower costs. We develop and commercialize food waste processing technologies (ours and others') to use in producing products & ingredients.

Drying as a Service (DaaS)™

Many companies need to dry their materials either onsite or have it dried for them by us.

Our B2B DaaS service model reduces the complexity of setting up, operation, maintaining and upgrading advanced drying equipment at your facility. We can install and operate the appropriate drying solution at your location for a set price per pound/kilo. We have a wide range of drying capabilities to address most needs.

We have different tiers of services based upon if we provide the funding for the equipment or if you do. (Serious, large scale B2B inquiries only please.)


SAUNA Dehydration

the next wave in food dehydration


SAUNA Dehydration

  • Our main (of three) food drying systems, is a novel and new form of dehydration that is energy and time efficient, naturally preserves practically all micronutrients, flavors, and color of fruits, vegetables, tubers, and fungi, and shrinks them into nutrient-dense food stuffs—within one hour

  • Our first scaled machine was built with a grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) along with the USDA and UC Davis

    • The patented USDA core technology application range is wide and Treasure8 holds the exclusive Patent licensing rights to manufacture SAUNA machines and products from them

    • Additional supportive patents filed (w/ USDA)

  • Uses upcycled, imperfect produce from fields and food waste from post-production sources

  • The collaborative project has won a Far West Federal Laboratory Consortium Award for Outstanding Commercialization Success

Quick Facts

  • Creates crunchy and crispy products without frying or oil

  • Sustainability

    • Energy efficient - Up to 72% less energy compared to frying, up to 82.5% more efficient than freeze drying

    • Water efficient - potential to save 45 - 225 million gallons of water in California alone

    • Low energy, clean burning

    • No NoX off-gassing

    • Acrylamide free (Prop 65 friendly)

  • We can help reduce food freezing (IQF and Freeze dried) costs and increase quality by partial dehydration before freezing (better color and structure)

  • Preserves more micronutrients than other forms of dehydration (e.g. captures more polyphenols and vitamin C in apples vs baking)

  • Partnered with global food equipment manufacturer to produce SAUNA machines at scale world wide