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Deploying Nutrition to Humanity

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A Fresh Look On The Food Industry


Treasure8 is a Food Tech Company focusing on systemically transforming global food waste at massive scale. We’ve perfected award-winning, patented technology that allows us to cost effectively create and improve food products for ourselves and others. We test, iterate, and prototype like a tech company, but are powered by Mother Nature and always operate with her in mind.

For us, it’s not only about massive returns, but also about massive impact. It’s about using tech to reduce food waste, create sustainable energy, and produce food for a growing global population. We’re doing this, and we’re doing it now.


the pipeline that defines

What We Do

We address two global challenges; food waste and food insecurity, with one systemic solution; a pipeline to capture and convert a fraction of the 1.3 billion metric tons of global food waste from CPG companies, and agriculture into cost-reduced ingredients & products to be sold by ourselves and others. 


Waste to Nutrition Pipeline


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We secure and capture food waste streams (primarily post-production and infield) from CPG and agriculture companies at the source.

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Then we convert consistent food waste streams into safe, traceable ingredients & products for human and/or pet food consumption, energy or soils.

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product development

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Incorporating food waste streams, and other sustainably-sourced ingredients, our product development lab creates nutrient-dense products to be sold by ourselves, global CPG’s, and others.

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process development

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We design for scale by inventing and implementing energy-efficient (and where possible patentable) production methods for processing large volumes of materials into products and ingredients.

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Large Scale Production

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Utilizing our high-volume tuned processes, we work with large scale manufacturers to achieve consistent, reliable results, while keeping costs competitive.

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We’re not in the distribution business, but we work to understand it like it's our job. By ensuring that products have long shelf lives and competitively priced, we advantage our projects and those we consult for when making national and international distribution deals.

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If it doesn’t sell, it doesn’t feed. We work with best-in-class branding and marketing experts to create clear, and culturally relevant narratives that lead to consumption that benefits people, planet, and pocketbooks.  


Featured examples of

What We Create




We develop and commercialize food waste processing technologies (ours and others') to use in producing products & ingredients. We also sell, lease or license drying machines to growers, processors and food manufacturers.

We have exclusive, and multiple pending patents for these technologies.


SAUNA Machine

the next wave in food dehydration


SAUNA Machine

  • Our main, of three, food drying systems, is a novel and new form of dehydration that is energy and time efficient, naturally preserves practically all micronutrients, flavors and color of fruits, vegetables, tubers and fungi and shrinks them into nutritionally dense food stuffs—within one hour

  • Our first scaled machine was built with a grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) along with the USDA and UC Davis

    • The patented USDA core technology application range is wide and Treasure8 holds the exclusive Patent licensing rights to manufacture SAUNA machines and products from them

    • Additional supportive patents filed (w/ USDA)

  • Uses upcycled, imperfect produce from fields and food waste from post-production sources

  • The collaborative project has won a Far West Federal Laboratory Consortium Award for Outstanding Commercialization Success

Quick Facts

  • Creates crunchy and crispy products without frying or oil

  • Sustainability

    • Energy efficient - Up to 72% less energy compared to frying, up to 82.5% more efficient than freeze drying

    • Water efficient - potential to save 45 - 225 million gallons of water in California alone

    • Low energy, clean burning

    • No NoX off-gassing

    • Acrylamide free (Prop 65 friendly)

  • The patent base also covers dehydrofreezing - can help reduce food freezing costs and increase quality by partial dehydration before freezing (better color and structure)

  • Preserves more micronutrients than other forms of dehydration (e.g. captures more polyphenols and vitamin C in apples vs baking)

  • Partnered with global food equipment manufacturer to produce SAUNA machines at scale world wide





We produce organic and conventional ingredients (powders, pieces, whole) from fruits and vegetables through a range of drying techniques. Source materials range from gluts / 2nds / uglies / imperfects as well as from post-production food streams all the way to regular Grade A sources.


For Humans

Producing plant-based ingredients for our products and others’

For Pets

Nutrition for the table and the floor

For Nutraceuticals

Cleanly extracting value

For Sustainable Fuel

Regenerative from input to output

Some ingredient examples of the SAUNA Process - bursting with color, flavor and micronutrients.

Some ingredient examples of the SAUNA Process - bursting with color, flavor and micronutrients.


Branded Products

Our product innovation team has a long history of making unique, healthy and innovative consumer packaged goods products. We develop products from “soup to nuts” for ourselves and others. We focus on healthy plant-based, gut-friendly foods and beverages that incorporate food waste streams, and that are designed to work at large scale production.

Ground Rules

Ground Rules™ Chips are ORGANIC natural and crispy, nutritiously-dense organic fruit and veggie chips that use the patented SAUNA process convert virgin, “imperfects & leftovers” as much as possible. Superior flavor and crunch without frying or oil. They currently come in naked Beets, Sweet Potato, and Apple, and we will be releasing a flavored series soon!

SINGLE ingredient: Organic Beets, Organic Apples, Organic Sweet Potatoes



TC’s Bakehouse™ Plant-Forward Cookies

Plant-forward Cookie Thins: Deliciously made w/ 25% veggies (and you don’t notice). We originally made these for hospital maternity wards. Now they will be available to you soon. Flavors: Chocolate Mint, Lemon Poppy Seed, Crispy Cinnamon.

  • Gluten free

  • Non GMO Project Verified

  • Kosher

  • Vegan

[Product Launch Q1, 2019]

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Lasers are to Regenerative Food Systems as an Edison bulb is to the agricultural status quo. A 60-watt incandescent bulb will give you enough light to read, but just a 6-watt laser can be seen from space.

The question for us now is how soon can we can create coherence? If we can coalesce the energy of a waste conversion movement, it will form a beam that will launch us into a regenerative future. There’s no time to waste.
— Timothy Childs, Founder & CEO