A Resource Revolution

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A Fresh Look On The Food Industry


Treasure8 is a food tech company focusing on systemically transforming global food waste at massive scale. We’ve perfected award-winning, patented technology that allows us to cost-effectively create and improve food products for ourselves and others. We test, iterate, and prototype like a tech company, but are powered by Mother Nature and always operate with her in mind.

For us, it’s not only about massive returns, but also about massive impact. It’s about using tech to reduce food waste, create sustainable energy, and produce food for a growing global population. We’re doing this, and we’re doing it now.


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A Resource Revolution

At Treasure8 we believe in the power of positive thinking. We believe in utilizing the resources that farmers have grown, that nature has provided, that science and technology have created, and fusing them to solve massive, global challenges. We know that food waste can be spun into a valuable resource to feed a growing planet, and we want others to adopt this view with us. This is why we come to work every day. This is our manifesto. And above all else, this is a resource revolution


The Treasure8 Re-Harvest Method

We address two global challenges; food waste and food insecurity, with one systemic solution; a pipeline to capture and convert a fraction of the 1.3 billion metric tons of global food waste from CPG companies, agriculture and grocery into cost-reduced ingredients & products to be sold by ourselves and others.  Scalability and speed are critical for us to create the systemic, global impact we desire. Therefore, we have created the below process called the Treasure8 Re-Harvest Method.

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We secure and capture food waste streams (primarily post-production and infield) from CPG and agriculture companies at the source.

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Then we convert consistent food waste streams into safe, traceable ingredients & products for human and/or pet food consumption, energy or soils.

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product development

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Incorporating food waste streams, and other sustainably-sourced ingredients, our product development lab creates nutrient-dense products to be sold by ourselves, global CPG’s, and others.

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process development

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We design for scale by inventing and implementing energy-efficient (and where possible, patentable) production methods for processing large volumes of materials into products and ingredients.

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Large Scale Production

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Utilizing our high-volume tuned processes, we work with large scale manufacturers to achieve consistent, reliable results, while keeping costs competitive.

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We’re not in the distribution business, but we work to understand it like it's our job. By ensuring that products have long shelf lives and we are competitively priced, we take advantage of our projects and those we consult for when making national and international distribution deals.

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If it doesn’t sell, it doesn’t feed. We work with best-in-class branding and marketing experts to create clear, and culturally relevant narratives that lead to consumption that benefits people, planet, and pocketbooks.  


“This is one of the biggest bottom-line opportunities in history.  And we’ve created a systemic, vertically-integrated, tech-centric solution that we’ll scale around the world with global partners, focusing on harnessing food waste streams. We’re excited to make a positive impact on the environment and create better nutrition options, especially for those in need. It’s a Resource Resolution and we’re thrilled to help lead the charge.” Timothy Childs, Founder / Co-CEO