Instead of Excess Produce Going to Landfills, Companies Are Sending It Off to Be Dried into New Snacks

Rather than letting excess produce go to a landfill, this California startup has started collecting food waste from agricultural companies in order to preserve the fruits and veggies as dried snacks.

Treasure8 is responsible for creating a new kind of technology that can suck 97% of the moisture out of fruits, vegetables, and fungi. Once dried, the produce still maintains the same taste and nutrition – except it has a much longer shelf life without using any preservatives.

Not only is the dried produce far healthier than potato chips and salty snacks, the dehydration machine can cost-effectively process the food in just one hour.

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Timothy Childs
Treasure8 Moves “as Big as We Can” to Change Systems Behind Food Waste

In the United States, up to 40 percent of food produced for consumer consumption becomes waste between field and fork. Timothy Childs co-founded Treasure8 to address this challenge. The company’s ethos, according to Timothy, is based on the idea that “We have to move as fast as we can and as big as we can because there is no time to waste. Period. To do so, we need to look at the entire supply chain and create and implement innovative end-to-end solutions to make change on a global level.”

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